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Guaranteed Interest Annuities - GIAs

Guaranteed-Interest-Annuities-GIAsGuaranteed interest annuities (GIA) are deposits with insurance companies. They are comparable to GICs offered by a bank, trust company or credit union.

A GIA pay interest for a specific term at a guaranteed rate of interest just like a GIC. 

GIC's are insured by CDIC up to certain limits, they are sold by banks, trust companies and independent financial brokers, for more information go to www.cdic.ca

GICs sold by credit unions are insured provincially up to certain limits, for more information go to www.dico.com for Ontario deposit insurance. 

GIAs with insurance companies are sold by licensed insurance brokers, they are insured by Assuris up to certain limits for more information go to www.assuris.ca

The coverage is limited to $100,000 per institution, if you have more than $100,000 in any one institution you should consider spreading your deposits with several institutions and have all your deposits fully insured. 

Guaranteed Interest Annuities are often overlooked by consumers when shopping for their deposits. The main reason is they are only sold by licensed insurance brokers. GIA's have additional benefits not offered with GICs, these benefits are included at no additional cost.

The Benefits of Guaranteed Interest Annuities (GIAs) are as follows:

1. Estate-planning benefit with GIAs.

When you designate a beneficiary and, if you die, your investments are paid out to your designated beneficiary without estate administration tax (formerly known as probate). 

2. Creditor Protection with GIAs. 

This is a valuable benefit for the self-employed, business owners or anyone who wants to protect their savings and keep it out of the hands of creditor's. With a GIA you can designate a beneficiary within the prescribed class on your account, this can you your spouseor or your kids

You don't have to sacrifice returns to protect your savings. Insurance companies are aggressive in competing for your deposit dollars and often pay higher rates than banks, trust companies and credit unions.

3. Longer maturities available with GIAs.

If interest rates rise you can lock in the higher rate for a longer maturity. GICs are only available with maturities of up to five years. GIAs are available with maturities of 10 years or longer.

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