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RRSP-LoansStone-Hedge Financial Group Inc. is an authorized distributor of B2B Bank RRSP Loans.



What are some of the benefits of B2B Bank's RRSP Loan Program?

B2B Bank's RRSP Loan Program focuses on offering competitive rates, a broad range of options and simple administration to help advisors and their clients' needs… more often.

Simplified pricing:

Pricing is based on the term selected, not on the loan amount.

Variety of products:

Choose between variable and fixed rate products.          

Low loan amounts:

An affordable $2,500 minimum RRSP loan amount applies across all terms.          

Flexible terms:

  • Variable rate: 1 to 10 years

  • Fixed rate: 1 or 2 years

Quick adjudication:

Applications are reviewed and decisions communicated typically within one business day.

No penalties:

All or part of a loan can be repaid at any time without penalty.   

Deferral payment option:

The first payment can be deferred up to 180 days.           

Fast funding:

Funding is typically providede within one business day upon receipt and verification of original documentation.

In addition to the RRSP Loan Application are there any other documents that B2B Bank requires?

Yes, in all cases, B2B Bank requires a void cheque from the borrower's personal chequing account from which to withdraw the loan payments. Other supporting documentation may include:

  • Letter of Direction (included with the loan application). This form is required if paying out a loan at another financial institution.

  • Proof of assets upon request.

Proof of income for loan amounts greater than the current year's contribution maximum or for loans with a term longer than 2 years:

  • Salaried income: recent pay stub or Notice of Assessment.

  • Commissioned income: last 2 years' Notice of Assessment.

  • Self-employed income: last 2 years' Notice of Assessment and Financial Statements.


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