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 Canadian Students Studying Abroad 

Outside Their Province or Canada

Canadian-Students-Studying-Abroad-Outside-their-Province-or-CanadaCanadian students leave the country to participate in educational exchange programs or to pursue undergraduate, graduate, or professional degrees. When pursuing studies in a foreign country, students acquire valuable skills and knowledge. The experience of living and studying in a foreign country is  exciting that enriches one's knowledge of different cultures and foreign languages. When they return to Canada, these students expect that their acquired skills and knowledge will be recognized for purposes of further study or practicing a profession. This may not always be the case for further information please visit the web site Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials.

Outbound Students Residing in Ontario

According to Ontario Ministry of Health & Long Term Care it is recommended that one purchases supplementary medical insurance during their studies abroad. This coverage does not provide emergency medical travel insurance during the flight it has to be purchased separately. Here is the exact information provided by Ontario Ministry of Long Term Care please visit their web site for more information.

Travelling Outside Canada


This fact sheet provides basic information for health care providers and the public and should not be construed as legal advice. The authoritative source for OHIP eligibility is the Health Insurance Act and Reg. 552 thereunder

Should I obtain additional insurance coverage for my absence from Canada?

Yes. The ministry strongly recommends that you do, whether you are absent from Canada for a few minutes or for an extended time. OHIP does not insure or pay for all out-of-country medical services. Also, the amount of funding provided by OHIP will not usually cover the full cost of any health services that you do obtain outside of Canada. You should therefore, obtain supplementary health insurance from a private insurance company to provide you with additional coverage during your absence. It is also recommended that you understand the terms and conditions of the additional insurance coverage you have purchased and the implications of any pre-existing health conditions on your insurance coverage. To obtain private insurance contact a private insurance company of your choice.

February 2012

For More Information

Call Service Ontario, INFO line at:
1-866-532-3161 (Toll-free in Ontario only)
TTY 1-800-387-5559.
In Toronto, TTY 416-327-4282
Hours of operation: 8:30am - 5:00pm

Source: Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care

When one leaves their Province/Territory or Canada to study abroad they leave most of their Provincial Healthcare Insurance Plan benefits behind. Foreign countries often require students to purchase their own medical insurance. Stone-Hedge Financial Group Inc. offers medical and travel insurance to fill this requirement from Canadian insurance companies.

We offer travel insurance from Canada's leading insurance companies that specialize in travel insurance. Why take a chance dealing with an unlicensed insurance professional.


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