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Snowbird Travel Insurance 

Snowbird-Travel-InsuranceEvery year thousands of Canadians make their annual pilgrimage south. The most popular destinations are Florida, Arizona, Cuba, Mexico and the Caribbean. Facing emergency medical expenses in the U.S. can easily be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. A U.S. medical emergency can put an early end not just to your vacation but to your comfortable retirement. Emergency medical travel insurance is a necessity to protect one's retirement savings.  

Insurance companies give you the option and in some cases require you to fill out a medical questionnaire. When your doctor fills out your questionnaire if there was an error your doctors liability insurance will protect you, be prepared to a pay a fee for this service. Don't take short cuts, post claim underwriting can be costly if your insurance does not cover your claim. It is always better to have your policy underwritten at the time of application to prevent surprises when you have a claim. Stone-Hedge Financial Group Inc. will advise clients to take the time to get the policy underwritten whenever possible. There have been a number of horror stories on travel insurance, CBC along with local media have been very active on this issue.

Canadian insurance companies have a great track record of paying claims. The majority of all claims are paid without any problems. It is the claims that are denied that cause the most problems. In most cases "snowbirds" are simply unaware or don't understand what is being asked on the insurance applications. 

Buying insurance is not enough, you need to understand what is being covered. Don't be afraid to disclose your medical conditions, non-disclosure is considered fraud and will lead to a denial of your claim. Insurance companies that specialize in travel insurance have trained specialist that work with insurance brokers to assist you. We are insurance brokers not doctors, we cannot advise client's on their medical conditions. If you need medical advice please consult your doctor or your medical practitioner.

Stone-Hedge Financial Group Inc. reviews the policies we sell including the fine print and acts on your behalf with the insurers to get you the best policy at the best price. We can arrange coverage for hard to insure cases. Be realistic, if you have pre-existing conditions and are taking a multitude of different medications shopping for insurance based on price alone is futile. If you are undergoing treatment or have a medical condition that requires attention, avoid travel until the condition is stable and your doctor advises you that you are able to travel. If you have a change in health between the application date of the policy and the effective date which is your departure date notify us. We will submit a new application to the insurance company to get the policy approved for the new medical pre-existing condition.

If you are required to travel to destinations where the Government of Canada has issued a travel advisory warning, engage in high risk sport or dangerous activities as part of your job or for pleasure, we can arrange coverage. This type of insurance is called special risk. Be prepared to pay high premiums for this type of coverage.

Please visit Government of Canada Travel Advisory for a list of destinations where a travel advisory warning has been issued.

We offer travel insurance from Canada's leading insurance companies that specialize in travel insurance. Why take a chance dealing with an unlicensed insurance professional.


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