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Inpatriate Medical Insurance

Inpatriate-Medical-InsuranceInpatriate medical travel insurance provides additional benefits compared to a visitors to Canada emergency medical travel insurance policy. There are a variety of plans to choose from, some are called expatriate medical travel insurance. Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible to purchase expatriate medical travel insurance which offers more coverage and lower premiums. Visitors to Canada, foreign workers, landed immigrants, refugees, Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible to purchase inpartriate medical travel insurance. Inpatriate also referred to as expatriate medical travel insurance can also be purchased by Canadians citizens and permanent residents who are waiting for their Provincial Healthcare Insurance Plan's coverage to begin or be reinstated. 

Canadian Insurers have started to amend their policies to make more comprehensive benefits available to non-resident visitors to Canada, foreign workers in Canada, landed immigrants and refugees residing in Canada.

There are only a few Canadian insurance companies offering these types of policies. Each insurance company is different in their benefit offerings. Additional benefits being offered include: annual eye exams, annual physical examinations, vaccines and pregnancy.

Some insurance companies have additional requirement that require the insured to provide personal medical information. This can be done over the phone with an insurance broker, or require the insured or the person acting on behalf of the insured to complete a detailed medical questionnaire.

Always buy from a Canadian insurance company your claim will be expedited faster. Canadian insurance companies have expertise in dealing with Canadian healthcare service providers and have direct billing relationships with them. Canada has one of the most stable financial services industries in the world. You also have additional protection from Assuris to protect your insurance coverage in the event the insurance company goes out of business. 

Inpatriate Travel Insurance can be purchased by:

  • A super visa applicant wanting more than emergency-only care;

  • A visitor's visa applicant wanting more than emergency only care;
  • A work permit holder;

  • A temporary resident;

  • A foreign expatriate residing in Canada;

  • A returning Canadian or landed immigrant waiting for Provincial Healthcare Insurance Plan benefits.

Stone-Hedge Financial Group Inc. sells inpatriate medical travel insurance to all Canadian Provinces and Territories including: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territory, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Yukon Territory.

Emergency Medical 24/7 contact numbers are staffed by people that can speak any language, you are never alone regardless of your country you are traveling from and what language you are able to communicate in.

We offer travel insurance from Canada's leading insurance companies that specialize in travel insurance. Why take a chance dealing with an unlicensed insurance professional.


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