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Canadians Traveling Abroad

Canadians-Traveling-AbroadWorry free travel is priceless.  Planning a vacation is exciting we all rush to make our last minute arrangements before we leave. We make sure to pack our cameras, toothbrush and clothing. We call to notify our credit card companies and cell phone providers but often neglect the most important thing "travel insurance".

When you travel outside your province/territory of residence or outside Canada, you leave most of your Provincial/Territorial Healthcare Insurance Plan's coverage behind. The last thing one needs is unexpected medical expenses on their trip. A recent insurance claim in Australia by travelers set a record of one million dollars that the insurance company paid out. If you travel to the U.S. medical expenses can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. When you travel with kids just the peace of mind of knowing you have travel insurance in the event of a medical emergency is worth every penny. Many travel insurance policies will also cover the cost to return your pet back home in the event of a medical emergency. 

Not all travel insurance was created equal. Always buy from a Canadian insurance company. When you buy from a Canadian insurance company you are protected by Canadian law and your claim will be expedited faster. Credit card insurance is very limited, you may think you are getting a free benefit but if you read the fine print the coverage may only be for a few days and for older ages it is non-existent.

If you have travel insurance included with your employer's group plan you can buy a top up if your trip exceeds the number of days covered. Make sure the policy has a 24/7 emergency contact number and at least one million dollars of coverage.

If you are required to travel to destinations where the Government of Canada has issued a travel advisory warning, engage in high risk sport or dangerous activities as part of your job or for pleasure, we can arrange coverage. This type of insurance is called special risk. Be prepared to pay high premiums for this type of coverage.

Please visit the Government of Canada Travel Advisory for a list of destinations where a travel advisory warning has been issued.

We offer travel insurance from Canada's leading insurance companies that specialize in travel insurance. Why take a chance dealing with an unlicensed insurance professional.


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