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Guaranteed Life Insurance - No Medicals  

No-Medical-Life-InsuranceGuaranteed no medical life insurance is also known as funeral life insurance and guaranteed issue life insurance. The life insurance policies may look the same, but they are different. The policies differ on when the benefits become payable, the maximum amount of coverage one can purchase and eligibility requirements. 

There are many reasons why people choose to buy guaranteed life insurance with no medicals.

  • Not everyone took advantage of their age and good health;

  • Some people just don’t want to have a nurse visit them to do the necessary medical underwriting which includes a multitude of different tests and ordering of medical reports from their health care providers;

  • Many people don’t like anyone poking needles into them, a requirement for blood analysis;

  • Others may have been diagnosed with an illness or medical condition and are no longer insurable;

  • The insured is overweight or a smoker;

  • Age could also be a factor, the premiums to insure older ages are high.

Whatever the reason is guaranteed life insurance offers a solution for one’s insurance needs.

Funeral costs can add up quickly, the government only provides a small amount of money which is not enough to pay for these expenses. If you die in another country while on vacation or traveling just the cost of bringing the body back home for burial is an additional $10,000. 

The need for life insurance becomes more apparent as one gets older. No medical life insurance fills this need.

You can use the policy for a multitude of different purposes including:

  • Pay for Funeral Expenses.

  • Pay off debt so you are not a burden to your loved ones.

  • Pay for costs to settle and wind down your estate.

  • Leave money to your spouse, children, best friend, charity, church, mosque, synagogue or temple. 

Regardless of one’s health and financial circumstances guaranteed no-medical life insurance is within your reach. 

  • Premiums are affordable and start at $15 dollars per month.

  • All benefits are paid out are 100% Tax Fee.

  • Dealing with a Stone-Hedge Financial Group Inc. insurance broker is safe, private and secure.

  • As insurance brokers we can shop with multiple insurance companies to get the best policy at the best price. 


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