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Health-and-Dental-Insurance-PlansCanadians are fortunate to have one of the best healthcare systems in the world. However government cutbacks have resulted in elimination of many benefits leaving Canadians to pay for costly medical and dental expenses that are not covered by their Provincial Healthcare Insurance Plans. In Ontario OHIP has eliminated many benefits. Future government budget constraints due to rising health care costs will lead to even more cutbacks. Your private health and dental insurance plan fills this gap in coverage. It pays for costly medical and dental expenses that are not covered by your Provincial Healthcare Insurance Plan.

Health and dental insurance provides coverage for individuals that don’t have a group benefit plan from their employer or their spouse’s employer. There are a variety of plans to choose from offered by Stone-Hedge Financial Group Inc.

If you are already taking prescription medication not all plans will cover your existing medications. This is where an insurance broker from Stone-Hedge Financial Group Inc. can help you choose the right plan.

Individual Health & Dental Insurance Is Designed For:

    1. Self-employed individuals and individuals working on contract.

    2. Home based business owners and small business owners.

    3. Retired or retiring individuals to replace group benefits.

    4. Part-time, seasonal and temporary employees.

    5. Anyone not covered, or not eligible for coverage under a traditional group insurance plan.

    6. Those, who want to top-up their existing group coverage.

Individual Health and Dental Insurance Benefits:

    • Prescription Drugs

    • Dental

    • Vision

      1. Prescription Eye Glasses

      2. Contact Lenses

      3. Laser Eye Surgery

      4. Replacement Parts for Prescription Eye Glasses

    • Paramedical Services

    • Ambulance Transportation

    • Accidental Dental

    • Hearing Aids

    • Home Support Services

      1. Services of a Registered Nurse (RN)

      2. Registered Practical Nurse (RPN)

      3. Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

      4. Personal Support Worker (PSW) in the home when Certified Medically Necessary by the Attending Physician

    • Medical Services

      1. Diagnostic Tests

      2. X-Rays

      3. Dialysis Equipment

      4. Laboratory Tests

      5. Eye Examinations

    • Medical Items

      1. Foot Orthotics

      2. Stockings

      3. Surgical Brassieres

      4. Wigs

    • Eye Exams

    • Professional/Registered Therapists

      1. Chiropractor

      2. Foot Care Specialist (Chiropodist/Podiatrist)

      3. Naturopath

      4. Osteopath

      5. Physiotherapist

      6. Massage Therapist

      7. Acupuncturist

      8. Psychologist

      9. Registered Social Worker

      10. Speech Therapist

    • Travel Insurance

    • Hospital Accommodations (Semi-Private and/or Private)

    • Hospital Cash

Tax Information

According to Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) “subject to certain conditions, sole proprietors, partners and incorporated businesses can claim premiums for their health and dental plans as a business expense for income tax purposes”. Please visit the CRA web site for exact interpretations and guidelines.


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